Jeff Baker's writing offers insight and commentary on numerous of cultural and social justice issues, ranging from education reform and mental health advocacy, to racial equity, feminism, and LGBTQ+ culture & politics.

Baker's writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Teen VogueEducation PostThe Good Men Project, The Mighty, Successful Black Parenting, The Body Is Not An Apology, among other notable publications. 

Readers from all walks of life have expressed appreciation for Baker's words, having found healing and inspiration in his reflective storytelling, informative analysis, and visionary calls to action. 

"Your candid and heart wrenching disclosure and thoughtful commentary is right on time! This has been the topic of discussion in my class for the past couple of weeks and yes, I am going to share this with my students. Thank you so much for giving a voice to the young boys and men who suffer in silence."  

"The writing on this is more than spectacular, as is the actual point made to Black fathers! This is needed greatly in our communities."  

"You are surpassing the lessons taught! You are contributing to the knowledge of others! I’m sharing this far and wide. Keep pushing!"

"I haven’t heard it articulated so honestly and completely before. I’m going to think on this for my therapy session. You’ve given me a language to say what I’ve struggled saying. And I’ve shared this with my friends."

"I am, and always will be, grateful for you and your willingness to be vulnerable. Thank you." 

"Just a typical Wednesday evening grading papers, tweaking lesson plans, being blown away by your latest piece. Brilliant mind, beautiful heart, incredible soul."

"Thank you...for your vulnerability, your bravery, your voice."

"This is an incredible call to action that is clear, helpful, hopeful, whole, and real." 

"Wow! Beautiful bravery, truth and vulnerability." 

"Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and truth."

"It was a very enlightening piece that helps us to challenge ourselves. Thank you."